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Tyler St. Mark

Tyler St. Mark is a multi-talented writer, publisher, and producer who has experienced a myriad of careers during his nearly six decades of living.  He has, in the past, also been an actor, a model, a lifeguard, a swim coach, a paramedic, a pianist, a publicist, and a media relations specialist.

More recently, he has received critical acclaim and a literary following for his short fiction.  He has collaborated on six screen plays, published five short stories, and was nominated three years in a row for the West Coast Magazine Award for Best Short Fiction. Several of his works have been optioned for feature film, and he is presently working on his first novel.

In addition, he hopes soon to produce his first Broadway theatre production titled, The Front Runner, based on the best-selling landmark novel.

St. Mark has been connected to the entertainment industry in one way or another for most of his life. He was an accomplished actor in his teens, appearing in theatres across Southern California and winning several regional acting awards. He attended UCLA in Los Angeles and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, and was cast in both the National Touring Company of You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown and the West Coast Touring Company of The Fantasticks. He debuted in Los Angeles in Butterflies Are Free at the prestigious Showcase Theatre, and has appeared in several films and movies for television.  At age 21, St. Mark gave his last professional performance at the Westwood Playhouse (now The Geffen Theatre) where he portrayed comedian Stan Laurel in the acclaimed one-man show, An Evening With Mr. Laurel.

St. Mark left the entertainment industry in his early twenty’s to pursue his other passions as a lifeguard and swimming coach. After a distinguished career as a city, state, and county lifeguard  (the youngest officer to achieve the rank of Chief), St. Mark decided to explore a less hazardous career in public relations and advertising. With his past experience in the entertainment industry, he was quickly recruited to coordinate media for a public relations firm in Los Angeles which represented film and television celebrities.

St. Mark's amazing ability to create distinctive, eye-catching, and successful media campaigns led to his joining a commercial advertising and public relations agency in Santa Monica, where he received expert training in copywriting, advertising design, product promotion, marketing, and media relations. He soon left commercial advertising to promote "more meaningful products" with a West Hollywood advertising/public relations firm, and eventually founded his own company, Exclusive News Relations, which specialized in representing provocative products and services.

St. Mark's unique marketing campaigns have been heralded in TIME MAGAZINE, PEOPLE, and PLAYBOY while his advertising and public relations efforts received both local and national acclaim. He was responsible for Los Angeles County's first AIDS awareness campaign featuring the first AIDS spokes character, "Mother" (portrayed by Zelda Rubinstein) which soon became the model for numerous AIDS education campaigns worldwide. It was St. Mark who coined the now common slogan, "Play Safely," in this warm-hearted, landmark campaign in 1984, and dramatically altered the marketing strategy for AIDS awareness across America.

Among St. Mark's most inspiring achievements is the creation of the PWA Memorial Bracelet; a simple silver or gold mental band engraved with the name, age, and date of passing of men, women and children struck down by AIDS.  Over one half-million bracelets were produced and distributed world-wide during the early years of one of the worst pandemics of the 20th century.

In 1985, St. Mark's "PWA Bracelet" became the first national AIDS memorial, and continues today to generate public awareness and inspire similar commemorative bracelet programs. President George H. Bush, Sen. Edward Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Ann-Margaret, Elton John, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Richard Gere, and Madonna are among the numerous luminaries who have received and worn a PWA Memorial Bracelet.

That same year, Tyler St. Mark also conceived, produced, and co-directed the first AIDS public service announcements to air nationally in the United States.  In 1989, he accepted a special invitation by the Chancellor of Stanford University to speak before the Stanford Graduate School of Business on "Marketing AIDS Awareness In America."  He was honored on World AIDS Day in 1994 as the keynote speaker for California Institute for the Arts, whose main library has exhibited materials from his landmark campaigns.

In 1993, St. Mark teamed up with acclaimed author Patricia Nell Warren to co-found Wildcat Press, a dynamic new independent publishing company offering the best in landmark literature. For two decades, St. Mark was instrumental in the creative design, packaging, promotion, and marketing of Wildcat's book titles, in addition to running the entertainment subsidiary which was dedicated to developing the film and other ancillary rights.

In 1994, St. Mark and Warren launched Wildcat International, and the author asked St. Mark to provide an Introduction to Wildcat's upcoming 20th Anniversary Edition of her landmark novel, The Front Runner.  After recovering the film rights to this internationally celebrated love story in 1997, Warren and St. Mark collaborated with veteran screenwriter Barry Sandler (Making Love) on a screenplay adaptation of the novel, and spent many years working towards the development of the long-awaited motion picture of The Front Runner.

In early 2012, after nine books and nearly twenty years in publishing, St. Mark and Warren dissolved their publishing partnership.  By now, St. Mark had produced or collaborated upon several film documentaries including “The Last First Comic,” (2010) “Laurel & Hardy, Their Lives & Magic,” and “The Celluloid Cowboy” (2012).  He had come full circle and was now firmly back in the entertainment industry; devoting increasingly more time to developing films.

For this purpose, St. Mark has formed “St. Mark & Associates,” an entertainment consulting consortium comprised of numerous veteran film, television, and theatre colleagues, who are expertly able to provide impeccable support to those professionals seeking pre-production, production, and post-production assistance above and/or below the line.

Although his veteran experience both in public service and the entertainment industry has afforded him a uniquely well-rounded education, St. Mark attributes his past achievements and more recent literary success to the exceptional range and variety of vocations he has sought out and mastered in half a century.

“I never deliberately set out to accomplish so many different things,” he says quite earnestly. “In some ways now, I wish I had chosen one field and stuck with it.  But I would stumble over a new field of interest, take it on with tremendous interest and passion, and then suddenly find myself in a whole new career adventure.  And after all, isn’t that what life should be—an adventure?!”

Today, St. Mark is content focusing his time, attention, and multitude of talents on the seemingly endless demands required of him now back in the entertainment industry where he first started.  He finds himself somewhat the “Prodigal Son returned to Hollywood;” older, wiser, but with no less the zeal and passion he has brought to each and every one of his extraordinary endeavors.

“I am greatly admiring of and extremely grateful for the exceptional team of seasoned colleagues I have the privilege of collaborating with at “St. Mark & Associates,” Tyler says emphatically.  “It may be who you know in our industry to arrive here, but it is most certainly what you know to remain here.” 

Tyler St. Mark
Tyler St. Mark

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